Welcome to the next level of honesty where Johns and Entertainers can review and rate each other based on personalities, physical appearances, and profile preferences. The Johns Report is an online social community that allows users to share their ratings and reviews with with anyone that is apart of the community.

There are a total of 135 traits to pick from divided into three groups: Personality, Physical, and Profile. Each section has a total of 45 traits divided into 15 sections: 15 positive, 15 neutral, and 15 negative. This allows users to up vote, or down vote traits in each section for user.

The Johns Report provides the opportunity for users to affirm amazing qualities or gain feedback. Users that want to login and review others must be open to be reviewed themselves as a profile is automatically created. Anyone that does not want to be reviewed or rated should not log into the site or request removal upon logging in.

If interested in being apart of this community, you are expected to read and understand How To Engage and the Guidelines & Rules.