How To Engage

Once signing up to the website as an Entertainer or John, all users are required to fill out the information requested. Everything else is optional. Usernames are created are optional to preview identity.

Users that login to this website are open to rate and review anyone they know. Users may search by username, name, city, email, and/or phone number to find any user to rate and review.

On the profiles, all users are allowed to vote on any traits once in which they can switch at any-time. Each trait picked is voted as one vote. Users are able to vote and down vote once on any other traits that are picked from other users as well.

All users can write one review and edit it anytime. When writing a review, the user can choose to be anonymous or not. Anonymity is optional and can be reversed at any moment. Moreover, users may reply to any number reviews they want. All replies are open to be edited and deleted at anytime.

Disputing reviews are open to the user if they feel a review does not reflect their character. It can take up to 72 hours to remove a disputed review that does not reflect the Guidelines & Rules

Anyone can report a fraudulent profile for removal. Users may remove their own account at any time. However, if a user decides to sign up again, their original profile will be reinstated.